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Organized another day of supporting the Five in Washington


The International Committee for the Freedom of the Five said in a statement Sunday that next September in Washington will support activities to the release of the Cuban Five, upon completion of 16 years of imprisonment in the United States.

Keep day to support the Cuban Five in U.S.


This Friday, as part of the III Round 5 days Five conference was issued “a new era in US-Cuba relations,” in support of the release of the remaining three Cuban heroes that the government of that country keeps prisoners.

Five emit message honoring García Márquez


“You left your mark on our lives, and we know that not just 100 years but an eternity of busy company will assist you where ever you find,” wrote Ramon Labañino on behalf of his brothers

Concert honors terrorism Fernando Gonzalez in Cuba


After an emotional welcome Gonzalez addressed the audience and the musicians performed for recognition. “It’s indescribable emotions since the huge step on Cuban soil,” were his first words.