Mauricio Macri will take more vacation and go to golf tournament

The businessman Chairman said that it must work on Saturdays and Sundays, but it will be this long weekend with your friends. | Photo: Eco

Argentina’s President, Mauricio Macri, will take more days off, and it is that on this occasion it will travel to the Atlantic coast of that country during this weekend long to participate in a golf tournament with his friends. 
Macri not unveiled his agenda for the end of this month, but the information was confirmed by local media of the city of Buenos Aires (capital), which reported on the hosting of the President at a well-known hotel in the province throughout the long weekend. 
> 41 vacation days the Argentine President was taken in a year according to the information, were deployed members of security and military House at the facilities of the hotel where you will stay Macri.
After the golf tournament, it is expected that Macri is directed to the presidential residence of Chapadmalal on the Atlantic coast.

Since Macri assumed the Presidency in 2016 has taken 67 days of vacation, at least four days off per month excluding weekends. In total he has worked four days a week since he entered the Casa Rosada, Argentina’s Government Headquarters.
Data: Macri spent most of the first day of the year with his family on vacation in and out of the country. 
The first of his journeys was to the South of Argentina to celebrate the new year and then stayed two weeks before returning to the capital. He then made another trip to the town of Chapadmalal, in the North of the country, where she shared several days with students ranging from walk to this coastal city.
On his return, he took on his birthday to go south again, where he spent the weekend between the Woods and the golf courses of an exclusive club.