They confirm murder of young Araceli Fulles in Argentina

22-year-old was last seen April 1 at his home. | Photo: @teleSURtv

Police officials confirmed Friday that the human remains found in the Argentine town of José L. Suárez belong to Araceli Fulles, young disappeared from earlier this month.
The body was found on the grounds of a House, under some debris that were clogged with lime. 
Fulles preliminary autopsy showed that the death was about 25 days ago, which agrees with the date of his disappearance.
The murder there are six detainees and a fugitive who would be the perpetrator of the fact, identified as Darío Gastón Badaracco, for 29 years. 
> Found the corpse of a woman without identifying in Argentina the House where they found the corpse belongs to Badaracco, who had stated on several occasions in relation to the fact, however, after his last call by the Prosecutor’s Office to clarify details of the case, the man was not found.
The housing was revised at other times without finding traces. This time officials arrived on the scene by the work of security dogs, which found the boxes where it was the body of Fulles.
> Teacher murdered argentina against Araceli Fulles children (22 years old) disappeared April 1 from her home in San Martin, so family and friends began a campaign through social networks to find it. 
In this case, 26 femicides joined in Argentina in April, which represents on average a murdered woman by day.