Russia denounces WH support to terrorists in Syria

Zajarova stressed that all these facts are ignored by the Western media. | Photo: Reuters

The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, María Zajárova, reported on Thursday that the Organization of White Helmets, which pretends to be a humanitarian NGO, actually supports terrorists and helps them to hide their crimes.
“White Helmets not only feel at ease in the territories controlled by the front to the Nusra or Turkisch (terrorist group outlawed in Russia, self-styled Islamic State), but show them in addition to open their sympathy and made a computer support and material of the same,” said Zajarova.
Outdoor spokeswoman indicated that documented evidence of the participation of the White Helmets there is in front to the Nusra and operations “of its efforts to hide mass civilian executions”.
The spokesman said that there are videos where you can see how the Syrian soldiers are tortured in the presence of the representatives of the White Helmets and are then executed, there are witnesses who blame them of falsifying evidence, and stage alleged cases of medical help.  

Брифинг официального представителя МИД России М.Захаровой, 27 апреля 2017 года – МИД России (@MID_RF) 27 April 2017 the Russian official mentioned that on 10 April the organization Swedish physicians for human rights (SWEDHR) called false videos of the alleged attacks chemicals in Syria that disclosed the controversial White Helmets.
Zajarova said that treatments that White Helmets performed with children victims of alleged chemical attacks were really dangerous manipulations with minors under the influence of drugs.
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