French students protest against election results

French schools are protesting against results of first round of presidential elections. | Photo: LegacyNewsOff

Around of 20 high schools, they woke up on Thursday mobilized in Paris to express rejection of the results of the first round of the presidential elections in France.
In accordance with the Rectorate of Paris, four schools of secondary education were besieged and six others are partially, while in a dozen different actions to show indignation are recorded.
> Mélenchon will not reveal who will vote in the second round on the walls and doors of high schools read large banners with slogans against the centrista-liberal Emmanuel Macron and the ultra-right Marine Le Pen, the two winners of the first lap and classified for the ballot expected on May 7.  “Neither homeland, nor pattern: Ni Le Pen, or Macron”, proclaim the protesters.
The two candidates are currently in full campaign for the second round of voting, in which the President of France will be defined for the next five years.  

Environ 1000 élèves contains-e-s sur la place de la République contre le FN! #BlocusNiFnNiMacron #Republique – BLOCUS INFOS (@BlocusInfos) April 27, 2017 an Odoxa poll published Thursday indicated that Macron lost four points of popularity in the last month and Le Pen won also four percent.  
However, the young leader of the movement in March appears as the French political personality that arouses the greater support with 41 percent of positive opinions, followed by the left wing Jean-Luc Mélenchon (38) and the right-wing Alain Juppé (37).  
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The most recent surveys found Macron as the favorite for the second electoral round, with a 20-point advantage over his rival.