Evo: Aggression against Venezuela seeks to seize oil


The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, in exclusive interview for teleSUR said on Wednesday that the attack on Venezuela is not against President Nicolas Maduro, but seeks to take control of that country’s oil.
“Nicolas Maduro was elected as President with the vote and is happening at this moment a coup d’Etat led by opponents of the right of Venezuelan with support of Luis Almagro, in some countries of the OAS, as well as of United States. The OAS is an organization of coups”, said the President”the OAS forgets his coup tradition. With what authority can you speak the Secretary general Luis Almagro of democracy if you do coups? “, he added.

#EnVivo | “The OAS is an organization of coups,” says @evoespueblo about interference against #Venezuela https://t.co/tqMKHfl0b4 pic.twitter.com/lFNiqYDCnD – teleSUR TV (@teleSURtv) April 27, 2017 asked about threats to the President Donald Trump to the Government of North Korea, Morales said that “cannot be understood that there are policies of punishment, of intimidation towards the States”.
“Each country has its own particularity. If there are internal disputes must be resolved by peaceful means, dialogue, mediators, or international institutions. There are many ways to resolve”, he stressed.
On the status of nine Bolivians who remain detained in Chile, the head of State said that it does not understand the attitude vindictive and arrogance of the Government of that country. 

#EnVivo | President of Bolivia, @evoespueblo accused the OAS of being impartial to human rights in countries https://t.co/tqMKHfl0b4 pic.twitter.com/XqKkDMW4Lm – teleSUR TV (@teleSURtv) April 27, 2017 Evo Morales also greeted the President-elect of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, and Rafael Correa for his fight in that country.
Also, he recalled the situation that Argentina and Brazil is experiencing since the arrival of right to power and added: “I hope that we will return to recover those spaces. Again moderated the leftist movements for the liberation of the Patria Grande”.

#EnVivo | @evoespueblo: presiding over the OAS Permanent Council is the best place to raise his voice against the https://t.co/tqMKHfl0b4 Empire pic.twitter.com/I3oqmksFVZ – teleSUR TV (@teleSURtv) April 27, 2017