Al-Assad: we continue fighting terrorists

The President of Syria, Bashar Al Assad, gave an exclusive interview to teleSUR. | Photo: teleSUR

In exclusive interview with teleSUR the President of Syria, Bashar Al – Assad, said that his Government does not possess chemical weapons and emphasized that his country has extended an invitation to the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) to investigate what happened on April 7 in the province of Idlib.
“(…) terrorists for years (…) have used chemicals, which had called on the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) shipment of specialist committees to investigate what was happening, but every time U.S. impeded investigations or hindered the sending of commissions to conduct such investigations (…) “.”
> Syria calls upon States neighbors to unite against terrorism said that his country continues to insist and tried, together allies Russian and Iranian, the OPCW to send a team to investigate what happened, since in his view, U.S. take place or could be repeated in future the same “pantomime or farce through making the use of chemical weapons”. 
In reference to the accusations from the Pentagon about the assertion of “possession of chemical weapons” under his Government, Al – Assad said, “they say something and do something else, for this reason there is to believe what he says the Pentagon, because they say things that serve their policies, not the things that reflect the reality and the facts on the ground”. 
Trump and current foreign policy in response to how would you define the current policy of the US President, particularly in Syria, Al – Assad said that there are no policies of a President of the USA, but there are policies of the U.S. institutions that govern the American system.
“The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA by its acronym in English), the Pentagon, big corporations, companies of armament, oil companies and large financial institutions, as well as some lobbies that influence the U.S. decision”, stressed the President.
He argued that the figure of the President only implements these policies, and proof of this is when Trump tried to take a different course during his election campaign and then could do it.
> Russia warns that US is creating weapons of massive attack the current state of Syria said that the most painful in any war are the human losses, “suffering suffering a family to lose one of its members, the family will feel affected of by life.” This is something natural in a region like ours, where family ties are very strong and United.” 
Life for the Syrians has been tough, says the President, “has affected every Syrian citizen, terrorists destroyed the infrastructure, electrical power. ”
In some areas, single electric service comes for one or two hours probably, and elsewhere has no electricity at all, there are areas where the power fails for two or three years, children do not attend schools, they live in prehistory because of the terrorists. “Life has been enormously difficult,” said Assad.
Latin America and Venezuela in response to the question of how you see in his view the situation in Latin America, particularly in Venezuela, where started to emerge a group of very similar actions to those who unleashed the conflict in Syria, Assad said that it is normal that there is a similarity since it is the same plan, and the executor would be U.S. “South America in general and in particular Venezuela “, they had formed the backyard of US during past decades, the courtyard of which Western countries and especially North America and the U.S. achieved its economic interests through the influence of large transnational corporations within our countries”.
> “The people of Venezuela are celebrating the news of the departure of the OAS”: Chancellor said that at the beginning they said that marches in Syria were peaceful, but seeing that peaceful protests or marches do not spread, were infiltrated in these subjects to shoot against both parties, against police and Protestants, which was dead, and they began to say that the Government killed people It’s the same scenario that recurs in each part.
As a final message for Latin America and the world Bashar Al – Assad said, “preserving our independence. In our Arab region we celebrate independence in more than one country. But this independence meant for some countries in our region, only the departure of the occupation forces.”