Uruguay rejects to implement OAS Democratic Charter in Venezuela

The President of Uruguay, Tabare Vazquez, said the need to respect the internal affairs of Venezuela. | Photo: EFE

The President of Uruguay, Tabare Vazquez, said Wednesday that maintains its decision not to support the implementation of the Democratic Charter of the Organization of American States (OAS) to Venezuela, in order to avoid the “radicalization” of the situation.
“Uruguay is going to continue to maintain its position of not supporting the Democratic Charter (…) the objective is to prevent things is radicalicen, there is political agreement and elections democratic, as in the majority of countries”, said Vazquez.
> Ecuador supports efforts to promote dialogue in Venezuela also, the Uruguayan President, during an appearance before the press along with his counterpart from Spain, Mariano Rajoy, said that “the problems of Venezuela should solve Venezuelans own”.
“We must build a supportive hand to the Venezuelan people,” said Vazquez.

Uruguay will keep its position of not supporting the Democratic Charter. TABARE Vazquez says that the aim is to avoid the things are radicalicen. pic.twitter.com/Xtv0UHwvNu – defensoria_aragua (@ddpuebloaragua) April 26, 2017 the Permanent Council of the OAS has scheduled a meeting on Wednesday afternoon to consider the proposal of 16 countries members, including Uruguay, convene a meeting between Foreign Ministers of the continent to discuss the situation in Venezuela.
The Minister of exterior of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, warned that, if the meeting between foreign ministers, their country will be to leave the continental organization.