Block order of Trump cut funds to sanctuary cities

The judge said that the Executive order which proclaimed Trump may not be executed, because be, it would violate the U.S. Constitution | Photo: Reuters

The federal court judge of the Northern District of California in San Francisco, William Orrick, blocked on Tuesday the Decree of the Government of the President of the United States (USA), Donald Trump, that would cut funds to the so-called “sanctuary cities” that refuse to cooperate with the Federal actions to deport immigrants.
After a lawsuit by San Francisco and Santa Clara County against the Executive order of President Trump, to be considered to cause “irreparable” harm to the American people and to the “same fabric” Government, judge issued a temporary ruling that will be in effect while the demand is settled in court.
In addition, Orrick found that executive order which proclaimed Trump in his first week in power may not be executed, because if so, be would violate the U.S. Constitution
Blocking occurs throughout the country and applied in 200 local institutions that protect immigrants to be deported to their home countries.
“These constitutional violations apply in all States and local jurisdictions. Due to the scope of the order and their apparent constitutional rulings, a blockade at the national level is appropriate”, said the judge.
> Jeff Sessions insists campaign against “sanctuary cities” However, the Department of Justice gave an ultimatum last Friday “cities sanctuary”, specifically to nine jurisdictions of the country, which demanded tests before June 30, that are giving information to the federal Government on illegal immigrants on its territory.
The ultimatum applies to the entire state of California and the cities of New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and New Orleans; In addition to the counties of Miami-Dade (Florida), Clark (where is Las Vegas, Nevada), Cook (Illinois); and Milwaukee (Wisconsin).
> Sessions threatens to “sanctuary cities” with cuts in funds