Macron and Le Pen lead first presidential round in France, according to exit polls

The polls in France closed their doors to the 19 H 00 local time (17 H 00 GMT).

The candidates of the party at Marche! Enmanuel Macron and the front national (FN) Marine Le Pen led the presidential elections in France and would advance to the second round, according to polls exit polls. 
These early unofficial results give the lead to Macron with 23 percent, about 22.5 percent of Le Pen. 
The second round is scheduled for May 7. 
> Participation comes to 69,42% in elections in France #Presidentielle2017 survey exit polls TNS: Macron 23% Le Pen 23% Mélenchon: 19% Fillon 19% 7% Hamon #FranciaDecide – Sergio Rodrigo (@SRodrigoteleSUR) April 23, 2017 #Presidentielle2017 poll exit polls Harris: Macron: 23.7% Le Pen: 22% Mélenchon: 19.5% Fillon: 19.5% 6.5% Hamon #FranciaDecide

-Sergio Rodrigo (@SRodrigoteleSUR) April 23, 2017 #FranciaDecide Sopra-Ipsos poll exit polls: Macron: 23.7% Le Pen: 21.7% Fillon: 19.5% Mélenchon: 19.5 %#Presidentielle2017 – Sergio Rodrigo (@SRodrigoteleSUR) 23 April 2017 according to the second bulletin issued by the Ministry of the Interior or from that country, participation in presidential elections in France stood at 69,42 per cent to the 17 H 00 local time (15 H 00 GMT).
Election day although it developed normally, has been marked by an unprecedented security operation against terrorist threats against the European nation.