Nature magazine supports global March of scientists against Trump

Growing support for progress of science against policies announced by Donald Trump. | Photo: AP

The scientific journal “Nature” endorsed this week March for science that takes place this Saturday in Washington and other cities around the world in opposition to the policies announced by the President of the USA, Donald Trump.
“‘Nature’ is delighted to offer its support for the March, and most importantly, the movement that represents,” indicates an editorial. “We invite the readers to get involved, to show solidarity and to express themselves about the importance of research and evidence.” aifrma Nature.  
> Three months of Donald Trump in the text, the magazine recognizes that the United voices have potential to highlight important topics on the scientific agenda. “Despite internal conflicts, the positive message that the crowds of people in favor of the science presented to the wider world are going to show with all certainty,” he said.
“Those who insist that the March will reinforce political positions and will make the situation worse are overestimating the potential of other alternative methods to change the minds of ideologues committed at the White House and elsewhere. And such voices underestimate the importance of a more productive audience for the March, one made up of people who naturally supports the objectives of science and could be driven by a large protest to be a little more active to show that support”, adds.
“Yes, it is true that the fly blurs the lines between science and policy. But that line is much more diffuse than some say. It is possible to worry about science and scientific thinking and at the same time ignore the political context in which it operates. But it is difficult to do that and to demand change at the same time,”says the text.
> The world will set out on Saturday for the science and against Trump “concerns that some should be overshadowed by the opportunity to identify and gather the collective energy that these events provide researchers around the world,” says the journal Nature.
This Saturday, April 22, coinciding with the day of the Earth, the scientific community will mobilize is on the streets of more than 500 showcases throughout the world to defend the importance of science in society and politics. The March by science, that started in Washington (USA) rejection of the policies of the Government of Donald Trump, will be the largest protest in the history movement led by that group.