Electoral silence in France prior to presidential elections

France at the gates of a new election day. | Photo: AGN

The electoral silence governs this Saturday in France on the eve of the presidential elections, in which 11 candidates will fight for the two best results and thus pass to the final ballot.  
On the day before the vote, the candidates and their teams shall refrain from making public statements or called to vote, while the media may not be published polls.
> Mélenchon advocates a ‘rebellious Europe’ campaign closing the latest reported polls confirmed that of the total of 11 presidential hopefuls, only four lead the voting intentions and are likely to move to the second round.
It’s the Centre Emmanuel Macron, the ultra-right Marine Le Pen, Jean-Luc Mélenchon leftist and conservative François Fillon, who recorded narrow differences between them of only one or two points and are located around 20 per cent.
Consequently, pollsters institutes indicate that uncertainty is high and predicts tight results.
> Macron and Le Pen lead surveys of elections in France the last day of the campaign took place in an unusual calm for these cases, because of the Thursday attack in the Parisian avenue of the Champs-Elysées.