Chronology of the destruction of the opposition in Venezuela

Small groups of opposition lash out against public assets and any social achievement of the Bolivarian revolution. | Photo: teleSUR

From Tuesday 4 April, representatives of the self-proclaimed opposition party democratic unity table (MUD) again summoned his followers to demonstrate in the streets of the Venezuelan capital, Caracas.
The objective of this call is to reject the policies implemented by the President of the Republic Nicolas Maduro, however, as on previous occasions the protests end in violence and acts of vandalism against the Venezuelans and public goods. 
The destructions are aimed against the works of infrastructure and any social achievement of the Bolivarian revolution as an expression of intolerance and hatred.
> Violence leaves 260 million bolivares in damage in Portuguesa, Venezuela so were the destructions caused by the terrorist attacks during the protests of April #NoMasTerrorismo – teleSUR Venezuela (@teleSURvzla) April 22, 2017