Dominican Rita Indiana gets Grand Prize for literature

The writer, also songwriter and singer, is one of the most recognized literary Dominicans now. | Photo: EFE

The Dominican Rita Indiana won the Grand Prize for literature, awarded by the Association of writers of the Caribbean for his novel “The maid of Omicunle”, the first work in English to be recognized with this award.
Thus the peripheral Publisher, who discovered in Spain to Indiana reported it Tuesday. In a statement, it was reported that writer got the prestigious award for “The maid of Omicunle”, a novel filled with dissonances, in addition to a magnificent narrative proposed that condenses an authentic Caribbean.
> China pays tribute to Gabriel García Márquez according to the jury, the work “moves through a number of discursive layers: religious syncretism, indoctrination, drug trafficking, political corruption, gender mainstreaming, the Caribbean environmental degradation, pain and escapism”, elements that “merge into a story that mixes the colloquial with the fused rhythm from the music and art”.
The jury was composed of Andrés Bansart (Venezuela), Earl Lovelace (Trinidad and Tobago), Camila Valdés (Cuba), Patricia Donatien (Martinique), Lyonel Trouillot (Haiti) and Funso Aiyejina (Nigeria).


Very grateful and excited – Rita Indiana (@ritaindiana) April 10, 2017 novel disputed recognition with around 20 works written in Spanish of authors like the Cuban Leonardo Padura or the Puerto Rican Mayra Santos Febres, among others.
Indiana is a key figure of the current Caribbean literature, as well as songwriter and singer. She is the author of storybooks as “Ruminant” (1998) and “Science suction” (2002), and novels such as “Daddy” or “Chochueca strategy”.