Why you Trump warmongering policy surprises to the world?

United States foreign policy has always been the same: interference and intervention. | Photo: Reuters

How much would last that Donald Trump more nationalistic? The attack he ordered last week against a Syrian army air base and their threats to take action against the Government of Bashar Al-Assad have put in tension to the international community. 
Some analysts believe that he ordered the attack on Syria to counteract the effect of their own problems internally as legislative failures and growing unpopularity.
The most recent Quinnipiac University poll shows the declining popularity of Trump (35 per cent) that accelerated his fall after failing in the dismantling of the “Obamacare” health plan, created by President Barack Obama.
The attack on Syria surprised the world because Trump repeated during his election campaign that his foreign policy would be based on the “isolation” based on the motto of “United States first”, convincing voters that spur the country’s interests and would leave behind the warmongering policy. 
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Therefore it is believed that the attack on Syria was a measure to distract attention from domestic politics and “erected” as the guardian of the world order.
The unexpected attack breaks with the strategy of foreign policy until now by United States in the Middle East, it favors the Islamic State (Turkisch in Arabic) and it alienates Russia, country with which Trump tried to an approach to combat form joint terrorism.
The bombing now cooled relations between the two countries and left uncertainties about the future of the Syrian conflict.
“United States carry out actions more if necessary and as appropriate, to continue to defend important national interests,” says the document sent to the Congress by Trump. 
Within the internal policy, Trump got that both Democrats and Republicans “applaud” its decision. For analysts, Trump has decided to continue with the postulates of the Republicans, who have always supported the war stance of the United States. He also got support from old allies such as France, England, Canada and the countries of NATO.  
The spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, María Zajárova, believes that the attack on Syria will not respond to a strategy of Trump to Middle East, but an attempt by beating their opponents in the political war that has broken out in Washington after his arrival in the White House.

At least 9 dead let the bombing of United States in Syria, considered a point of break. Photo: Reuters.

His “change of attitude” also affects North Korea. On Wednesday announced that it was sending a “powerful” armada to the Korea peninsula north to “threats” from the Pyongyang regime. “We have submarines, very powerful, much more powerful than any aircraft carrier,” he noted Trump and added that the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, is “doing the wrong things”.