They arrested a suspect of the attack in Stockholm

The suspect was the driver of the truck that crashed into a shop by Department. | Photo: Reuters

Swedish police arrested a suspect in the attack on Friday, when a truck hit a crowd and left at least four people dead and 15 injured.
Jan Evensson police said at a press conference that the man was arrested in Märsta, a suburb in the North of the capital and close to the international airport Arlanda.
He explained that this man was near the place where the truck crashed, in the pedestrian street of Drottninggatan. A photograph was published by police a few hours earlier, it is observed a man wearing a green hood on an escalator.
The suspect was located by a police patrol 40 kilometres from the site of the attack.

Police hunt terror suspect after five killed as truck ploughs into shoppers in Sweden – Evening Standard (@standardnews) 7 April 2017 the arrested man would correspond with the description of the photograph posted by police. Official Stefan Hector told the press that the current hypothesis of security forces is that it was an “Act of terrorsimo”.
Police asked the public avoid mobilized in central Stockholm. Sweden announced that it will strengthen its border as they investigate this attack.
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