Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Syria: Army has no chemical weapons

Syria reiterates rejection of the use of chemical weapons. | Photo: EFE

Syria categorically denies the use of poisonous gas in Khan Shaikhoun, or in any other city or Syrian people and ensures that the Arab Syrian army does not have any chemical weapons, he reiterated this Tuesday an official source of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates of the Arab nation. 
“The Syria Arab Republic decisively denies the use of poison in Khan Shaikhoun, or in any city gas or other Syrian people, as well as the Syrian Arab Army has no chemical weapons and never used such weapons, do not plan to use, and does not seek to acquire them,” stressed the Syrian spokesman.
> President of Chile condemns attack chemical in Syria “Syria affirms that he has fulfilled all his obligations with the chemical weapons Convention since its accession to the Convention in 2013 and that the armed terrorist organizations and its operators are those who made these events and others to accuse the Syrian State,” said.
Arabic Syrian Sana news agency reported that the Government of President Bashar to the. Assad confirmed that all these accusations that are made will not affect his decision to continue the fight against terrorism and urged international community to support its efforts in this field.
On Tuesday, the command of the army of Syria said that Syrian troops did not use chemical weapons in Idlib. 
> Syrian Government denies attack chemical in Idleb the Organization of United Nations (UN) will carry out an investigation into the attack and the Security Council meet urgently on Wednesday at the request of France and United Kingdom.