Colombia Congress approves “shield” of peace agreement

Another step to consolidate the peace in Colombia. | Photo: RCN

The Congress of Colombia approved Monday with 109 votes in favour and 4 against, transitional article shielding the final peace agreement signed last November 24 between the Government and the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia – people’s Army (FARC-EP) by the next three presidential terms.
The Minister of the Interior, Juan Fernando Cristo, stated that this approval does not mean that the peace agreement has risen to constitutionality block.
> Leader: Colombian State violates agreements with communities “here of what is said are the parameters of interpretation which should make the Constitutional Court law issued by Congress. In this case, as regards human rights and related fundamental rights, the Court will have obviously in mind the text of the peace accords case assess any initiative that you”, he said.
The Minister criticized the opposition of the Democratic Centre for not having legal sustenance in their performances against what was agreed. “All opposition stayed with the agreement that was signed in Havana. By request of them, of the opposition, dropped the constitutionality block, removed any reference to add to the block”said.
Moreover, the High Commissioner for peace, Sergio Jaramillo, said that with the approval of the transitional article be provided guarantees to all parties, “all won, won the peace process, the Farc also have guarantees and No friends also won because we met what they asked”.
> “Right insists on that the FARC-EP may not exercise political role” the Bill establishes that the contents of the final agreement that “correspond to fundamental rights defined in the Constitution, neighboring rights and norms of international humanitarian law (IHL) will be referring of interpretation, validity and normative development of the agreement during the three presidential terms following”