Protests in Rio de Janeiro by girl murdered in a school

Hundreds of people went to the streets, hard by the violence to which they are exposed children in State schools located in areas of fighting. | Photo: EFE

At least 200 people demonstrated Friday in the North of Rio de Janeiro to protest against the death of a 13-year-old girl who died after being shot while doing p.e. in the courtyard of his school. 
The demonstration took place on the outskirts of the municipal school Daniel Piza, in the District of Pavuna (North zone of Rio de Janeiro), where María Eduarda Alves lost his life victim of stray bullets. 
In the middle of the protest the sister of the girl screaming “that someone tell me that it is a lie!” “The police have removed my baby!” in the presence of the trail of blood present in the school yard.

Photo: Eph family of doubt, as it was called by family and friends, is willing to denounce the State of Rio de Janeiro, due that reject the explanation from police that alleges that the death of the child was given by a “stray bullet” when he received four times, two of them fatal. 
“What is a stray bullet, with four body piercings? Stray bullet is if a shot. It was an execution. They executed two criminals and my sister”, denounced Friday the brother of the victim, Uidison Alves.

Photo: The Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Marcelo Crivella, EFE said this Friday that seeks to implement a project to protect municipal schools which are in areas at risk by fighting. He added that a wall special on the walls of schools could function as protection against bullets.
The walls of the school in which was studying Maria Eduarda woke up painted messages against the military police and against of the 41st battalion of the police body, located in the neighborhood of Irajá, in the North zone of Rio de Janeiro.
Protesters directed their slogans to police officers who found on your journey by calling them murderers and that there were tense moments during the March.

Photo: EFE at the time of the death of the student, the 41st battalion of the military police officers were facing shot with drug traffickers in the vicinity of the institution. 
For the moment, the two agents, filmed while running the two suspects, were arrested and military police said that there will be some inquiries in the midst of a scandal that has been repudiated by the public.
While protesting the murder of doubt, just five kilometres, other three children, 12, 13 and 14 years old, were killed while apparently trying to attack a vehicle.
Nearly seven thousand students of 23 schools in four districts in the North zone of Rio de Janeiro 720 students from the school where he studied the young had no school this Friday due to the atmosphere of uncertainty and consternation by the death of Maria Eduarda, among them. 
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