Corrupt deputies drove the trial against Dilma Rousseff

Eduardo Cunha was sentenced to 15 years in prison for corruption | Photo: AP

The former President of the Chamber of deputies of Brazil, Eduardo Cunha was one of the main promoters of the process of impeachment against the constitutional President Dilma Rousseff, of course make-up of the public deficit. On Thursday Justice confirmed officially that he committed serious acts of corruption by which will meet 15 year prison sentence.
During his oral defense, Cunha expressed his “pride” for having given rise to the process of impeachment against Rousseff, saying that “it helped that Brazil will deliver one of the most corrupt governments that had”.
> Eduardo Cunha was sentenced to 15 years in prison for corruption data: Eduaro Cunha claimed 1.5 million of as bribery by the business of the semi-governmental company Petrobras in Benin.
With the conviction of former Deputy Eduardo Cunha who was accused of corruption to Dilma Rousseff exmandataria, the real corrupt, were demonstrating a justification for his removal from office by Michel fear and his right-wing coalition.
The consummated the parliamentary coup became known that several of the deputies and senators who supported the impeachment were investigated by the Brazilian justice for his involvement in the scandal of Petrobas.
Fear and the shadow of corruption in the Planalto Palace the Government of President Michel fear de-facto meets under the shadow of corruption. Starting with the scandal at the State oil company (Petrobras) known as operation wash Jato which has had a devastating on your Cabinet effect, because in less than a year he lost eight Ministers.
> Link to Michel fear in case of corruption of Odebrecht was the first Senator Romero Juca, one of his men, appointed Minister of planning and who only remained in office ten days. Just spent a week and fell the Minister of transparency, Fabiano Silveira, who fear commissioned the “fight against corruption”. Silveira came out through the door back and soaked oil corruption facts.
The interim Government of Brazil won its third floor with the resignation of Tourism Minister, Henrique Eduardo Alves, caused by the same cause of the first two and involving in addition to fear in the Petrobras corruption scheme. The first three failures of his Cabinet took place in less than a month of mandate.
> Who is Eduardo Cunha?
Cunha is now one of the pieces in check biggest scandal generated, since his conviction for passive corruption, money laundering and evasion of foreign exchange crimes evidence the double standards of the Government de-facto fear, that action made it clear his aim of rid of Dilma Rousseff through the impeachment and no evidence of corruption.