Nearly 90% of Brazilians disapprove the policy of fear

According to the survey, the only thing that unites Brazil is request Without fear. | Photo: Hispantv

A survey revealed Thursday that nearly 90 percent of Brazilians disapprove to the Acting President of Brazil, Michell fear, to lead a Government with nine ministers investigated by corruption and to promote the dismantling of social, pension and labour guarantees rights.
Survey carried out by the Ipsos Research Institute showed that Brazilian citizenship is dissatisfied with fear.
“For 90 percent of the people surveyed, Brazil is on the wrong track, they are 3 points above the rate which is located in the last month, being the largest since fear came to power”, CITES research.
In March who think that the management of the President is bad rose from 59 per cent to 62 per cent.
> Brazilian unions ready general against reforms strike to consult participants on whether they approve or disapprove of the performance of fear, 78 percent said they disapprove it. This makes it the third least popular politician in Brazil, taking forward Eduardo Cunha, who was the main driving force for the process of dismissal of Dilma Rousseff, and Senator Renan Calheiros, who presided over the session of the Senate.
> Analyst warns about Governments neo-Liberals in Latin America Cunha owns 87 percent of disapproval of Brazilians, while Renan has 83 per cent and 80 per cent fear.