Guatemala: desolation in families of children burned in hostel

Through a phone call Kimberly Palencia relatives knew that the girl had months in other home insurance, where he died calcined. | Photo: EFE

The Secretariat of Welfare Social had three months preventing to it family Palencia have contact with his daughter by be supposedly punished, they knew of she when les reported that was the victim number 39 of the fire in the home Virgin of the assumption.
The teenager remained in a Centre for minors in conflict with the criminal law, at least thus had understood their loved ones who had been three months without seeing the girl for reasons beyond their control.
Due to the fact that they were unaware that the girl had been transferred to another place of detention, the loved ones of Kimberly received the news of his death through a call made by the authorities after not having claimed the body.  
According to statements from relatives and friends of Kimberly, the Social Welfare Secretariat prevented them to visit the small, receiving as an excuse that the girl was punished with suspended rights to visits.
During the period of time in that the family not could see to Kimberly is estimated that was moved to the home safe, place where died calcined in the worst tragedy humanitarian during the mandate of Jimmy Morales.
This tragic case of home insurance our Lady of the assumption there are 3 detained officials who will face justice for their responsibility or omissions.
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