Colombians gather inputs for the FARC-EP

Fail them in the Protocol of demobilization of FARC-EP, active population to maintain existing agreements. | Photo: the nation

Social movements in Colombia are concentrated in different cities of the country to collect tools and basic supplies that will be delivered and sent to community areas are concentrated where the members of the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia – people’s Army (FARC-EP), in the process of reintegration into civilian life.
The purpose is to sensitize Colombian society so it can actively with the peace process and reintegration of the FARC-EP to the society, after the constant failure of the Colombian Government with the agreements made with the insurgent group for the Protocol of demobilization.
> 6,300 members of the FARC-EP enter the community areas organizers thank the contributions received by the citizenry, however, make a call to the population so that they make more aware with the historical moment living Colombia.
Of the seven departments of the Colombian Atlantic coast will be different Caravan that will be found to make a single delivery of supplies to the insurgents who are in the present area of the Pondores in the Department of La Guajira, to the West of the country.
In the middle of the process of demobilization, food suppliers in that country increase their prices in the sale of supplies to the community areas.
>> Últimos 2 mil miembros de las FARC-EP van a zonas veredales


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