Ecuador and Colombia sign judicial cooperation by Odebrecht case

The Ecuadorian Prosecutor's Office questioned the lack of cooperation from the United States, country that revealed the plot of Odebrecht. | Photo: @FiscaliaCol

Ecuador’s Prosecutor, Galo Chiriboga, in a joint statement with his Colombian counterpart Néstor Humberto Martínez, reported that they signed a memorandum of cooperation to strengthen the investigations in the case of bribery of the Brazilian firm Odebrecht in 12 countries.
“These research teams will have a joint methodology, we will work and we will exchange information in each of the cases, it is a meeting which takes place just six days after the dated in Brazil,” said the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office. 

Memorandum by judicial cooperation between prosecutors of yde #Ecuador #Colombia is to investigate acts of corruption, including #CasoOdebrecht – FiscaliaEcuador (@FiscaliaEcuador) February 22, 2017 Chiriboga questioned the lack of cooperation from the United States in investigations, even though was the country which at the end of last year revealed the dimensions of the plot of corruption by Odebrecht.
“The strange thing of all this is that United States has mentioned the fact, but has not given any name, is certainly unprecedented situation”, said the Ecuadorian Prosecutor.
For its part, the Colombian Prosecutor Humberto Martíne said that “none of the Prosecutor’s offices in Latin America has had access to evidence collected by Brazil or the United States, which imposes a heavy burden on the instruments of research, which feed on agreements like the one signed with Ecuador”.

Latin America District have not had access to evidence collected by Attorney #Brasil or by us. UU if Odebrech: #Fiscal – Prosecutor-Colombia (@FiscaliaCol) February 22, 2017 tax generals of 11 Latin American countries will seek to set up multilateral teams to investigate the plot of Odebrecht, a Brazilian company involved in a worldwide corruption scandal, after a meeting held on February 17 in Brasilia under the most absolute secrecy and without access to the press offered a statement in which it detailed the scope of the agreement held between the 11 Nations.
> Eleven countries investigated in joint plot of Odebrecht