Syria positively evaluates Astana talks

Syrian delegation in Astana. | Photo: Sana'a

Syria positively assessed the talks being held in Astana, Kazakhstan, to put an end to the armed conflict in that Arab nation and to joint efforts in the fight against terrorism.
He President of the delegation of Syria, Bashar to the-Jaafari, added that the meeting in the capita Kazakh has paved the road before the celebration of the next Conference of Geneva that must take in has them two meetings of Astana.
> Al – Assad: the future of Syria decided it only his people reiterated the commitment of Syria with the preparations of the agreement of cessation of combat actions, however reserves the right to respond to any violation of these preparations for terrorist groups, he warned.
“Any party that violates these preparations will be a white legitimate terrorist of the Syrian army and its allies,” he said. 
Al – Jaafari said that the fact of not issuing a final document of the meeting of Astana is due to the Turkish delegation and the armed groups arrived late, and the low representation of the Turkish delegation.
He stressed the need to take decisive measures to close the Turkish-Syrian border.
He revealed that the issue of the Syrian Constitution has not been addressed during this meeting in Kazakhstan, since it is a matter that should be discussed by the Syrians themselves, away from foreign interference.
> Egypt calls for return of Syria to the Arab League for its part, the head of the Russian delegation at the consultations, Alexandr Lavréntiev, said that the negotiations in Astana are a step forward in solving the Syrian problem.
“I can’t say that they represent a substantial step forward, but it is a step forward,” he considered.
On the eve of talks in Geneva, Russia said that the question of the cease-fire is being solved and there are unresolved political issues about the future of the country, as well as the fight against terrorist groups like the band takfiri EIIL (Turkisch, in Arabic) and front Fath al – Sham (old front al – Nusra).