Violence in Brazilian city of Vitoria leaves more than 100 dead

Vitoria is located without public transport services, health centers and public schools by acts of violence are closed. | Photo: EFE

The city of Vitoria in Brazil is wrapped by a wave of violence, looting and chaos, which has left more than 100 dead, due to a police strike that has streets unprotected citizens.
The authorities warned that the situation in the State located in the southeast of the country, remains tense. Go five days without police officers, this situation increased criminal actions, despite sending nearly thousand troops of the armed forces to patrol the streets.

#Brasil: police strike in Holy Spirit already reach the 6th day with more than 100 dead. Fear ignores the chaos – Adriana Robreño (@AdrianateleSUR) February 9, 2017 Vitoria, about 500 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, was punished days ago by looting, violent assaults and clashes with firearms in different districts. Since Saturday, day in which the police left out on patrol, has increased the death toll. 
> Brazilian women prepare health centers and public schools for fear of new violence March against policies of fear the city is also without public transport services, are closed. The military sent by the central Government Monday to restore public order patrolled the streets, but the State authorities were of the view that the aid was not enough.

The city of Vitoria in Brazil is wrapped by a wave of violence, looting and chaos due to a police strike. Photo: EFE Paulo Hartung, Governor of spirit Santo, saw the strikes as a “blackmail open”. “What is happening is a blackmail.” It is the same one that kidnap the freedom of the citizens of the State and ask for the payment of a ransom”, lamented this Wednesday the official at a press conference.
Police officers require a pending wage readjustment for seven years, he explained. “Families want an agreement with the Government,” said Jordao Roepke. Both parties have planned meet is tomorrow to try to resolve the situation, added.
> Brazil: Judge cancelled nomination of Minister by case in the city of Vitoria Odebrecht have set on fire two groups and several shops and businesses were looted. Around six shopping malls shut their doors. Public transport suspended the service. Schools were closed and medical services in public hospitals were interrupted or reduced to minimum guards.