Obama will address challenges for US in farewell speech

Only remaining 10 days in the White House to Barack Obama. | Photo: Getty Images

With a mild start to the economic crisis in the country and many national and international issues left unsettled, Barack Obama is on the verge of leaving the White House and tonight will be his farewell speech from his hometown, Chicago.
Obama devoted his address to outline the values with those who believe that the country must face the challenges ahead, according to the White House said.
> The United States letting Barack Obama “” chose Chicago not only because it is my city – where I met my wife and we started a family – but also because this is really where I began my career in the public service “, wrote Obama in a statement.
The fact: Obama is the first President who has returned to his hometown to give a farewell speech.
Since the days of George Washington, Presidents have delivered some kind of final message during his tenure a farewell speech to the American people. 
Barack Obama got to the White House in 2008 and became the first Black President in the history of the United States. 

Lights and shadows of the Obama era by Embalajedigital https://t.co/iLyUROoKSC pic.twitter.com/BORv8xnLDE – packing Digital (@Embalajedigital) January 10, 2017 then of eight years of Government, Obama leaves a full presidential legacy of more shadows lights. Racial tensions, deficit of employment, growing social inequality and the crisis in the Middle East are some of the key points of his administration.  
The expansion of the self-styled Islamic State (Turkisch in Arabic) is one of the legacies that the forty-fourth President of USA
In addition, the Government of Obama deported near 2.5 million of immigrants between 2009 and 2015 using orders of removal, according to data of the Department of security national, by which which there who called to the former Senator of Illinois the “deportador in Chief”.
> Obama admits his responsibility for the electoral failure Obama was destructive to the Democratic Party. In 2009, when it rose to power, the Democrats were the majority in the U.S. Congress and 29 of the 50 States had a Governor from that party. But since then the power of the party has been constantly weakening.
The Republican financier Donald Trump, on January 20, will assume the chairmanship of us. UU, in what will initiate a time of uncertainty for the political world.