At least 25 dead leaves explosion of a car bomb in Syria

They also reported substantial material damage. | Photo: @jabalybaraa

A new explosion of a truck bomb caused around 43 people dead and dozens of wounded near a court in the town of Azaz, in the North of the province of Aleppo Syria, bordering Turkey.

فيديو جديد للمشاهد الأولية لمجزرة مدينة اعزاز بريف الشمالي حلب…
يارب دخيلك شيئ يبكي الحجي!

— بهاء الحلبي (@jabalybaraa) 7 de enero de 2017

Aún no se maneja una cifra oficial de las víctimas del ataque. However, the medical staff working at a local hospital reported that you it’s about 60 people dead and more than 50 civilians wounded. 
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