Key political participation of the FARC-EP

The peace agreement provides guarantees for political participation in Colombia. | Photo: AP

The closure of negotiations that took place Wednesday in the capital Havana an important means for members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia step – People’s Army (FARC-EP) start a new political chapter in Colombia.

Once the agreements endorsed by the FARC-EP plebiscite the spokespersons will speak but not vote.

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After three years of negotiations, agreements on the issue of political participation contemplated to be from the year 2018 when the group is subject to congressional elections; local media refer five Senate seats and five seats for members of the FARC-EP in the House of Representatives would be guaranteed.

Political participation will open doors to the insurgent group so that it can become a viable political party gives direct seats in Congress, creates the possibility that movements in their areas of influence to nominate candidates who are elected with fewer votes than a candidate of a normal game, giving them access to media, gives full social protest “electoral guarantees, security and the exercise of the opposition” guarantees.

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In 2013, the parties agreed to the second point on the political participation of members of the FARC-EP after the signing of an agreement to end the conflict. Such agreements are the rights to exercise political opposition in general and guarantees of protection for members insurgents are linked to democracy.

“The FARC come to an end as an armed group and begin their life within democracy with full guarantees” HCalle, firm Final Agreement

– Government Peace Team (@EquipoPazGob) August 25, 2016

The core elements of that point about the creation of special transitional peace constituencies to promote political integration of areas particularly affected by the conflict and that a transition period have special representation in the House of Representatives.

security schemes will also be generated for the FARC-EP make political life, creating a statute of guarantees for the opposition, assessment of the electoral system and the creation of so-called reconciliation councils.

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