China will join forces to fight against Ebola

The representative of China to the UN, Liu Jieyi said that the country will continue to support Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. | Photo: EFE

The representative of China to the United Nations (UN), Liu Jieyi, reported that his country will join forces in the fight against Ebola has killed 11 000 people in Africa.

During the development of the International Conference on Recovery Ebola, he said China is considering donating five million dollars to help Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, most affected by the disease nations.

“The international community must build a plan to further strengthen unity and steer joint actions to combat the pandemic,” he said Jieyi.See also: UN calls on Liberia to be vigilant for Ebola outbreak
In 2014, China presented a $ 120,000 donation to Africa and sent a medical contingent for the work of care for those affected by the disease.

Also, the UN called on the international community to make a work plan to strengthen public health in Africa and the delivery of resources to countries on the continent for two years was agreed.

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