USA published military strategy to “counter” to Russia

The Department of Defense of the United States published the National Military Strategy, which provides, inter alia, to “offset” to Russia and other states “revisionists” Wednesday.

“In line with the document, the US Army be prepared to deal with revisionists States and Russia that defy international standards, “says the press release issued by the Pentagon.

For Washington, forgetting his own interventionist practice throughout history, there are nations that perform interference in the internal politics of others.Read → Russia in missile alert NATO training
The document also notes that “in spite of” the contribution of Moscow (Russia) in areas such as anti-drug and counter-terrorism, Russia “showed repeatedly that does not respect the sovereignty of its neighbors.” Its military actions “undermine regional security both directly and through subsidiaries forces.”

According to the document, Russia is not the only country that “concern” to the US .: Iran “sponsoring” terrorist groups in the region and is active in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon.Five thousand soldiers, heavy artillery and tanks in Eastern Europe, is what the Pentagon expects to deploy near Russia, with the firm purpose of intimidating the nation.