UN says humanitarian emergency in Yemen

Humanitarian crisis in Yemen comprises the alarms at the UN | Photo: EFE

The UN declared Wednesday the higher level of emergency in a country that war between Shiite rebels and the government supported by Arab military coalition is destroyed.

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At a meeting between the chief of UN humanitarian operations Stephen O’Brien and directors of the agencies, “all they agreed to enact level three for a period of six months,” the deputy UN spokesman Farhan Haq, told AFP.

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In only three countries it has declared this maximum level of humanitarian alert: Iraq, South Sudan and Syria.CONTEXT
The onslaught in Yemen, led by Saudi Arabia and supported by the Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Pakistan and Morocco Emirates; It has the political, military and financial support of the United States (US) on the grounds of defending the president Mansour Hadi and combat positions of Shiite group hutíes and the Republican Guard.
On April 21, the Arab-led offensive Saudi Arabia announced that the operation “Storm decisive” in Yemen ended and that a new phase of the military campaign is underway, called “Restoring Hope”, which would focus on the political dialogue. Despite the supposed end of military operations, the Yemen Arab coalition bombing continues.