Cuban doctors for the Nobel Peace Prize

Cuban medicine has helped save lives by promoting humanitarian assistance in Latin America, Asia, Africa and other regions. | Photo:

The NGO “International Foundation Hugo Chavez for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity” issued a special statement from its headquarters in Sierra Leone, in which they declared their support for the proposal to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the Cuban Medical Brigade Henry Reeve.
The contingent specialized in disasters and major epidemics, is considered in the paper a maximum expression of international medical services of Cuba and other countries, as recently in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia were helping to combat Ebola, and now, after the tragic earthquake in Nepal, also they assist survivors.

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The statement also says that “both leaders of the Brigade and its members represented an invaluable aid, in addition to contributing to the health of the peoples of the world, helped with the recovery of their dignity and human rights”.→ Cuban doctors importantly strengthen measures against Ebola in Guinea.
Support for this initiative recognition also came from the Canadian academic John Kirk, who argued the many expressions of Cuban medical internationalism, as supporting thousands of Ukrainian children with Operation Miracle, which improved vision over three millions of people.

The brigade served in Haiti after the devastation of Hurricane Mitch and the 2010 earthquake.

The Latin American School of Medicine Dr. Salvador Allende has trained more than 24 000 doctors who provide comprehensive knowledge many parts of the world.

Lea → Cuban doctors have healed 260 infected with Ebola.
In February 2015, during the annual conference of Norwegian union, it approved unanimously to propose a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize 2015 international contingent of Cuban doctors Henry Reeve.Cuba’s ambassador to that country, Maria Esther Fiffe Cabreja, stressed the everyday feats performed by members of Reeve and how “a selfless work, these professionals earn recognition, love and respect of millions of human beings in the planet “.

Cuban doctors nominated for the Nobel Peace for his battle against Ebola Sierra Leone http: // / c5lAGkV65V

– Radio del Sur (laradiodelsur) February 6, 2015

At that time the brigade welcomed the news that the Norwegian trade unions launched the world campaign for nomination to the Nobel recognition.

Fact: Reeve was a young American (1850-1878) who died fighting for Cuba’s independence against colonial rule in the nineteenth century and became a brigadier general in the Liberation Army.
Cuban Henry Reeve medical brigade has been in charge at the global level to save lives, provide humanitarian assistance and combating famine, natural disasters and serious diseases such as ebola.The Nobel Peace Prize is one of five Nobel Prizes were created by Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel. It is delivered to the person who has worked harder or better for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace processes, “according to the will of Nobel himself.