WHO admits that his response was insufficient Ebola

The director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Margaret Chan. | Photo: EFE

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday its response to the outbreak and subsequent epidemic of Ebola virus was “slow and inadequate,” which failed to act properly to control it, and not even to communicate about its danger.

“The initial response of the WHO (the Ebola outbreak) was slow and inadequate, were not aggressive enough to alert the world, our capacity for early action was limited not work properly with our partners, we do not communicate properly, and there was confusion about roles and responsibilities within the organization, “says the organization.

WHO through its web site published a statement of responsibility in which signs the general director of the institution, Margaret Chan, and his executive team, which also undertake to reform the institution to exercise a good role to emergencies.The Dato → The current epidemic has infected more than 25 thousand 700 people, of which 10 000 600 have died.
In the statement WHO is committed to having a “contingency fund” of at least $ 100 million, Chan said so at a meeting in January.

In context:
The first case of Ebola occurred in December 2013 in Guinea Conakry but no one knew who had an outbreak until March 2014 and soon became known that the virus had crossed the borders of Guinea and had expanded to Liberia and Sierra Leone .
The WHO said no initially be prepared for an emergency international scale, assuming also that it did not sufficiently take into account the cultural aspects of the region where the outbreak occurred.