Liberia restarts Ebola alert after death of a woman

On the streets of Liberia informative murals on how to prevent disease are observed. | Photo: EFE

A woman diagnosed with Ebola last March 20 in Liberia died Friday, informed the authorities of that country.

“The last case of Ebola died yesterday (Friday). No more confirmed in the country, only two suspected cases, “said the head of the national crisis unit against disease, Francis Karteh, quoted by AFP.

Karteh explained that 80 people remain under surveillance, possibly because they were in contact with the sick.

The data
The final balance of the World Health Organization (WHO) maintains that the death toll from the Ebola virus in West Africa amounted to 10 000 300, and about 25,000 cases have been reported.
First Liberia is located, with four thousand 162 deaths; Sierra Leone ranks second, with three thousand 655 deaths and Guinea has had two thousand 187, according to WHO data.Read also: How to prevent Ebola?
WHO requires 42 days without identifying cases of Ebola to declare that the virus has been eradicated from a country. Liberia be declared free of the disease on 13 April, however, the new death recorded the sleep cycle restarts.