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American Terrorist killed in Syria


The White House and National Security Council (NSC, for its acronym in English) have confirmed the death of an American, a member of the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (EIIL), recorded during a clash Monday between groups rivals in Syria.

Bolivia enacts law “Renta Dignidad”


The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales signed a law that grants a bonus to elderly beneficiaries of universal old age pension.

Identified 173 victims of MH17


“We were able to make 173 identities during the first four weeks,” said the head of the Dutch forensic team, Arie de Bruijn, who said this was possible “thanks to good fingerprint data and the condition of the teeth.”

UN condemned public executions of the Islamic State


One report detailed the horrors perpetrated by the EI, but also the massacres and atrocities from other groups, and the government’s own forces.

Debate imperialist aggression in Bolivia


Social delegations at the Sao Paulo Forum, stressed the need to step international solidarity against imperialist aggression.

UN denounced public executions of the Islamic State


One report detailed the horrors perpetrated by the (EI), but also the massacres and atrocities from other groups, and the government’s own forces.

Mexico conference held in solidarity with Cuba


Fidel Castro remains today bastion of morality, principles and the unity of the Cuban people, according to the Mexican researcher Tatiana Coll, who participated in a conference on Cuba held in Mexico.

USA seeks allies to fight the Islamic State

U.S. President Obama speaks about developments in Iraq and civil unrest in Missouri, from the White House in Washington

United States President Barack Obama is extending his campaign against EI
Iraq and Syria and is one step away from approving the aerial distribution of water and food in the city region Amerli, northern Iraq.

Russia: “We do not want Ukraine to disintegrate”

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov speaks during news conference in Berlin

Russia has no interest in Ukraine to disintegrate, however respect the results of the referendum that gave them the independence to two regions east of Ukraine.

1,400 violations under UK


All reported crimes took place over a period of 16 years. Most happened in Rotherdham, although some rapists came from other parts of the country and some victims were taken to other cities.