Argentina asks U.S. investigate vulture funds

The information was clarified Saturday. (Photo: Reuters)

The National Securities Commission (CNV) of Argentina confirmed on Saturday that prompted his U.S. counterpart investigate vulture funds by economic or financial crime in insider trading.
The decision was announced on Saturday a news agency Telam the owner of the CNV, Alejandro Vanoli, who said during this weekend comptroller this principal market will work to complete the dossier submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission United States ( SEC).

Vanoli noted that such a request to the SEC will be possible thanks to the signing of an agreement to exchange information finalized last July 12 with the International Organization of Securities agency considered the CNV had high standards of regulation and supervision on the market capital.

The official recalled that the CNV opened an investigation into the operation of bonds, particularly restructured, to see if there was insider trading or market manipulation, both local and international entities, including people linked to the trial.

The Economy Ministry reported yesterday that the failure of Judge Thomas Griesa for vulture funds and these maneuvers be millionaire scam, and asked the CNV further investigation.As a result of the laws of Grisea International Exchange and Derivatives Association (ISDA), which also involved the vulture funds, told Argentina defaulted payment and enabled the collection of insurance, which benefits the litigants bondholders .

The Argentine executive asked, immediately, a thorough investigation to determine if there is actually the facade of a speculative movement in favor of vulture funds.