El Salvador calls for “immediate cessation” of Israel’s offensive against Gaza

Death toll rises to 184 Palestinians and wounded more than 1,300. (Photo: the-carabobeno.com)

El Salvador sentenced Monday “strongly” and called for the “immediate cessation” of the “Armed Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip,” which in seven days have caused more than 180 deaths.
In the Salvadoran government statement said that these actions of the Israeli Army “caused the loss of lives, hundreds of injuries and the flight of thousands of Palestinians from their homes, as well as serious damage.”
The note published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador, urged “the immediate cessation of armed attacks at the same time asked the United Nations and the actors that have accompanied the parties in finding solutions by means peaceful to intensify their diplomatic actions in the short term. ”
In addition, the Salvadoran-Palestinian Association said in a statement published in the newspaper La Prensa Grafica that “condemns the actions of aggression these days are running the Government of Israel against the Palestinian people.”