Mexico condemned Israeli attacks on Gaza
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico issued a statement in which he rejected the armed attack by Israel against the Gaza Strip (Photo: File)

The government of Mexico issued a statement Monday in which condemns Israeli attacks on Gaza and calls for the immediate cessation of hostilities; addition to the protection of civilians affected by the recent attacks. “Mexico reiterates its grave concern at the escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine, and makes a strong call to put an immediate end to the attacks and acts of violence” quotes part of a public statement made by the Foreign Ministry that país.En that sense, the text specifies that the Mexican government “condemns the use of force and the military operation in the Gaza Strip”, besides asking to “respect the . provisions of international humanitarian law, in particular those relating to the protection of civilians, “Palestinian sources revealed that the Zionist military offensive launched by Israel on Tuesday left a toll of deaths of at least 186 people, mostly women and children . the crisis between the two nations drew the attention of the Security Council of the United Nations and much of the international community, which has rejected the use of weapons and urges dialogue to resolve the conflict.