Prevent weak agreements Climate Change Conference
Emerging countries such as China, Brazil and the United States must commit to drastically reduce their carbon emissions. (Photo Archive)

At the summit of the Conference of the Parties to Lima (COP20) on Climate Change will be “very difficult” to reach agreements to reduce global warming, said Saturday the Deputy Director General of the Forestry Department of the Agency of the United Nations (FAO), Eduardo Rojas, cited by AFP.
“It will be very difficult summit and naive to think that it is easy to agree on the COP20 in Peru. Effort will be needed to achieve all objectives and successfully reach the COP21 in 2015 in Paris,” the spokesperson said.
Complications arise from the fact that the world has not come out of the economic crisis and emerging countries such as China or Brazil and others, like the United States (U.S.), would have to commit to drastically curb their emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) .
“The risk is that the summit has a very weak agreement or an agreement for a very long time or a very minimal agreement is reached, it gets very light,” said Rojas.
The FAO will participate as an observer at the event and provide technical assistance to country delegates so that they can make a decision, the official said.
Prevent further deforestation is key to stop global warming and its consequences, he said.
The Lima COP20 to be held in December, will be the pre-development of a new international protocol on climate change, which should be adopted in 2015 in Paris (France) step.