Daily Archives: 8 julio, 2014

Four deaths increase between Guatemala and Mexico earthquake


Mexican authorities reported that the fourth fatal victim was found in a house located on the coast of Chiapas (Southeast). The total number of injured rose to 118 in the border region, where several towns were declared emergency.

Board president: A concerned face Chile Bolivian demand


Through his Twitter account, the Bolivian president, Carlos Mesa, said the Chilean government does not want to face the maritime claim filed by their country.

Kills alleged dangerous Mexican cartel members


The incident occurred in a village in Michoacán (southwest), where authorities maintain a fierce pursuit of leader of the criminal organization “The Knights Templar” identified as Servando Gomez.

Defense Ecuadorian appeals court ruling U.S. by Chevron case


The lawyer Steven Donziger, one of the representatives of Ecuadorians suing Chevron accused the Manhattan federal judge Lewis Kaplan, of making mistakes in accepting the testimony of corrupt witnesses, ignoring scientific evidence and interfere “illegally” with the final decision Supreme Court of another country.

Germany defeats Brazil 7-1 and ranks for the Cup final


The German team made history in Belo Horizonte Minerão scoring the hosts of the World Cup by one seven goals without major obstacles. Brazil did not suffer a similar rout since 1920, when it eliminated Uruguay 6-0.

Jordan urges Israel to halt Gaza offensive


Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Yudeh, dangerous operation called “Edge Protector” holding Israel in the Gaza Strip to hit the Hamas movement and stressed that “the region can not tolerate voltage instability or other factors.”

The death toll in Gaza rises to 23 after new Israeli attack

Palestinian policemen take charge as members of the civil defense search for bodies at a house, which police said was destroyed in Israeli air strikes, in Khan Younis

About six Palestinians were killed Tuesday in a bombing of the Israeli regime against a building in the Palestinian town of Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza. With these new deaths added 23 dead people and 123 injuries.

Train crash leaves 80 injured in South Africa


The injured suffered minor injuries and were taken to nearby hospitals for recovery, spokeswoman for the rescue services, Russel Meiring.

Hamas responds to Israeli attacks

Smoke and flames are seen following what police said was an Israeli air strike in Rafah in Gaza Strip

Through a statement, the Brigades of Al Kasem announced Ezedin have shot “10 Katyusha rockets” against two military bases of the Israeli regime, one located in Zikim, on the south coast of the occupied Palestinian territories.

Reported delay in the construction of the wall of ice Fukushima


The Nuclear Regulatory Agency (NRA) expressed “concern” over the delay in the construction of the wall and asked the owner of the plant, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), to complete your installation in late July.