Vulture funds and sea for Bolivia schedule contained in the anti-imperialist
The International Anti-Imperialist Association Meeting was held in Cochabamba, Bolivia. (Photo:

Rejection of vulture funds and support for Bolivia in its sovereign claim to obtain access to the sea were the subjects that occupied the agenda Monday at the Anti-Imperialist International Association Meeting which takes place Monday in Cochabamba (Bolivia).
The secretary general of the Argentine workers, Hugo Yasky, said Argentina will propose in this international meeting consolidate a Latin American front to deepen regional integration, and imperialist practices against vulture funds, through an error, trying to force Argentina to pay full thousand 330 million for a minority of those funds.
“We come to propose the mobilization of the people to reject the ruling that benefits vulture funds, the sovereignty of Argentina, this cut is also a threat to all nations of Latin America and we propose that this summit is clearly manifest for the sovereignty of the sea for Bolivia that has to come from the unity of the people “, he said.
The leader said that Argentina supports the Bolivian maritime claim by raising a single slogan reaffirm “the sea for Bolivia and Argentina for the Malvinas.”
“I believe it is necessary that the path ends with any vestige of what was the colonial presence in Latin America,” he said.It also found that the call to the anti-imperialist meeting, which brings together unions from 15 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and America, is an important to raise the mobilization of the peoples scenario, deepening the struggle for wealth distribution and to consolidate a regional space willing to confront imperialism.
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