Uruguayan companies compete to grow marijuana

Companies will have to submit their projects for licensure culture. (Photo: AP).

Companies interested in producing marijuana for commercial purposes in Uruguay, may enroll in the competitive contest that opened the government to assess whether they meet the conditions necessary to market the product.
This was announced on Monday the president of the Institute of Regulation and Control of Cannabis (IRCCA), Julio Calzada, who also recalled that those interested can register at the end of this week, at the headquarters of the agency created to govern the newly adopted Law
“It will be a competitive contest in which companies will be analyzed, its background will be studied will be selected and finally the bidding will open itself,” said the official.
He argued that the initiative comes in response to the Uruguayan merchant in his own words, were eager to know what would be the mechanism the government would use around the production and marketing of grass.
Reported that only six companies nationwide may obtain a permit to produce about 1.5 hectares of marijuana. “Companies that are winning have banned the sale and delivery to third IRCCA all surplus production,” Calzada said.
By December 2013 the Uruguayan Senate passed the bill to enable and regulate legal marijuana market as it was passed in the House of Representatives, making the nation the first country to regulate the cannabis market from production until its sale to the public.