Daily Archives: 30 junio, 2014

At least six thousand Honduran children have been deported by Mexico


Mexico continues to deport child migrants from Honduras and other Central American countries. Human rights defenders have confirmed that in a week, a thousand 200 infants have been repatriated to the Honduran government by Mexican authorities.

OAS seek funding promises to Haiti to document migrants


The OAS is committed to seek funding from various countries for a project to provide identification Haitians do not have immigration permission to live in Dominican Republic; they have the threat of being deported to their country.

White House pushes to deport migrant children


U.S. President Barack Obama sent a letter to the Senate asking for help to expedite the deportation of 52 thousand children who have arrived in the country alone. He recalled that it is necessary to address the situation, since they do not benefit from immigration reform.

Army found bodies of three kidnapped Israeli youth


Israeli forces found the bodies in the town of Hebron Palestinian territory after a deployment in the West Bank. Prime Minister Tel Aviv, Benjamin Netanyahu, attributed the crime to war and warned Hamas leaders.

Morales invited workers to refuse financial anarchy


The president of Bolivia assured unionists from several countries that “govern while bankers and businessmen,” continue the struggle of workers against “imperialism and capitalism.” Latin America has supported Argentina to the case of Vulture Funds.

RT Reporter: I was not allowed to enter Ukraine “at war”


The correspondent for Russia Today network, Mauricio Ampuero said teleSUR exclusively for the Ukrainian military was kicked out of the country on political grounds, because of the interest they have not recognized the conflict that exists in this country.

Uruguayan companies compete to grow marijuana


Only six of all companies participating in the competitive tender for the commercial production of marijuana in Uruguay, obtained a license that will allow them to grow about 1.5 acres of grass. At first instance, the sale of the product will be used for medicinal purposes.

Russia calls for murder of photojournalist clarify in Ukraine


The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the death occurred on Sunday night in Donetsk Anatoli Klian cameraman, shows that Ukrainian security forces do not want the armed conflict that occurs east of the country has a viable solution.

Putin calls for ceasefire extension in Ukraine


Russian President Vladimir Putin, proposed to his Ukrainian counterpart Piotr Poroshenko, send observers of the Border Guard of Ukraine and the OSCE to three border points of the Russian side.

Vulture funds and sea for Bolivia schedule contained in the anti-imperialist


Under the Anti-Imperialist International Trade Union Meeting, held in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba, workers in Argentina on Monday expressed its rejection of vulture funds and called for sovereignty sea with Bolivia.