Daily Archives: 28 junio, 2014

About 12 thousand evacuees in northeastern Argentina flood


“This extraordinary flooding of the Paraguay River, coupled with the persistent rain, some high intensity in a short time, further exacerbate the already complicated scenario,” said Minister of Government of Formosa, Jorge Gonzalez.

James Rodríguez plays to Colombia in the quarterfinals


The coffee quality team won the physical game presented by Uruguay; that whipping it past goalkeeper David Ospina, who had a day to remember.

Ayatollah Khamenei: Western media portray war between Shiites and Sunnis


Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei criticized the Western media who try to portray the Iraq crisis as a conflict between Sunni and Shia in Iraq ethnicities. He also indicated that he is “a confrontation between humanity and the barbaric savagery.”

“It Ruling the People” is the space of radio and TV Sanchez Ceren


Salvadoran President inaugurated this Saturday Ruling the People, Space and Radio where people will star program. In the first issue, used to alert and ask for help from the public to prevent chikungunya virus, which already have been about 300 thousand cases.

Highlights Impact of China-Venezuela


Numerous projects financed by the Chinese Fund Venezuelan. These highlight the construction and expansion of Valencia and Maracaibo meters, construction of urban places, refurbishment and extension of road land transport system nationwide.

Israel continued harassment and arrests against Palestinians in West Bank


Israeli military continues the wave of arrests of Palestinians in the West Bank. This Saturday were arrested about 18 Palestinians in lookup three missing young Israelis. The Tel Aviv regime has allegedly identified two suspects.

NASA will test new technology to land on Mars


The launch of the new device was suspended several times by the adverse weather conditions that had prevented their free movement to the atmosphere and then out of the planetary orbit.

Brazil, Chile and Venezuela present at Taipei Film Festival


The International Film Festival Taipei 2014 will showcase about 160 films from over 40 countries, and will have about 100 thousand people, according to data provided by the organization.

Bachelet travels to U.S. to discuss issues of bilateral agenda


The southern president is accompanied by several members of his cabinet to reach agreement on a number of commercial matters; education and energy.

Evo Morales government announces program to seek reelection


“Surely after this great meeting lawfully present Government Programme 2015-2020 to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal,” he said in a speech in Cochabamba Country House, referred state news agency ABI.