Daily Archives: 21 junio, 2014

Discovered mass graves of immigrants in Texas Cemetery


This week, a group of American anthropologists discovered mass graves in a cemetery in Texas, containing the remains of migrants who died in their attempt to cross the U.S. border. So far there have been 52 exhumations.

Jihadists take over the post of Al Qaem border with Syria


On the Syrian side of the border crossing town of Al Bukamal, scene of clashes for months lies between Nusra Waterfront, a subsidiary of Al Qaeda in Syria and EIIL own, trying to gain control over the city and its surroundings.

Ghana showed speed and touch to tie against Germany


The African side are not intimidated by one of the favorites and could take the lead before a Teuton team filed several errors in the defensive strategy.

Andean road system Qhapac Nan’s World Heritage


The Qhapac Nan was built over several centuries by the Incas to facilitate communications, transport and trade, and also for defensive purposes, Unesco recalled in a statement.

Honduras intercede for migrant children in the U.S.


According to what reported by government authorities; the aim of the diplomatic mission is to ensure the health, stability and welfare of young people before being deported to their home countries.

Uruguayan first began broadcasting satellite signals


The first Uruguayan satellite and began transmitting information to the ground station Manga. The unit was launched from Russia on Thursday and aims to make measurements relevant to agriculture and real-time imaging of Uruguay for the development of other projects.

CELAC support to Mercosur and Argentina against vulture funds


Throughout the text, which was released Saturday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, members of the regional bloc recognized “the vocation of Argentina to continue honoring its international financial commitments, as it has done consistently since the restructuring of its debt in 2005 and 2010. “

Culminate presidential elections in Mauritania


The results of these elections could be announced tonight or durate Sunday, and a second round of voting is scheduled for July 5 this Saturday if no candidate exceeds 50 percent of the vote.

Putin achieved majority support for Russian Ukrainian crisis management


Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has 73 percent of citizens who want the reelection of the president, thanks to its deft handling of the political situation in Ukraine crisis. The figure represents an increase of 11 points from the April.

Snowden Fritz Bauer wins award for revealing U.S. intelligence


Edward Snowden won the Fritz Bauer prize award on behalf of the prosecutor and judge who underwent justice the former members of the political police of Adolf Hitler. Those responsible for the award considered that the revelations of Snowden qualify the debate on the principles of the work of the security agencies.