Vulture Funds: Argentine Legislators talk with Jacobson in the U.S.
Part of the Argentine deputies to the U.S. Capitol (Photo: Thelma)

The Argentina parliamentary delegation that came to the United States on Sunday to support the State in the case against vulture funds, hold a meeting with the Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs of State Roberta Jacobson Affairs, to reaffirm the country’s position around the cause.
The delegation comprised members of the ruling party and the opposition, is since this morning in the United States in the interest of conducting several meetings on this case, in the absence of position of the American nation. Your visit will culminate on Thursday.
Argentina acquired a debt to that country for a thousand 300 million dollars as a vulture funds, capital invested in a state that requires financial assistance, then recover those funds in full and interests through litigation, but the court U.S. Supreme like conditional payments for minority bondholders, when the Argentine government agreed to pay 93 percent of them.
MPs to explain the position Argentina Jacobson based on the payment agreement with most bondholders swap. also exposed to the U.S. Congress supported the case against these funds trading, and then meet with the Democratic leader in the House of Congress, Nancy Pelosi.
Insist on preserving the structure of the debt and will emphasize that there will always negotiating with bondholders country similar to that of those swaps entered 2005 and 2010 conditions.Besides preserving the business is supported by the International Monetary Fund.
If the Supreme Court chooses to mediate the dispute resolution repeals the preservation of debt and Argentina must pay the million-dollar debt to the bondholders under the terms established. Possibly, between 12 and 16 June set position while Argentine legislators fulfill their agenda in the country to achieve the position of Executive saving.