Daily Archives: 9 junio, 2014

The Princess of Asturias charged 102,000 euros with just eight years


Despite crisis, the Infanta Leonor will receive 102,000 euros in annual salary. Nor can we say whether it will be the total amount of his salary and that this is an interim amount and the new monarch could make changes it deemed appropriate.

Al Sisi ratifies prime minister of Egypt


The new president of Egypt, Abdel Fatah Al Sisi said that ratification of Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlah, new government policies are created to ensure security and social justice for all Egyptians.

Political Council of ALBA lectures on regional issues on Tuesday


In recent days, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro urged the Venezuelan opposition to not leave the dialogue which was initiated in conjunction with the national government. From 13 May, the same is suspended.

Iran considered constructive dialogue with U.S. on nuclear program


According to the deputy Foreign Araqchi Abbas, one of the negotiators of Tehran, díaologo with U.S. representatives was held in a positive atmosphere and was constructive to boost negotiations on nuclear project.

Sleeping with light on increases risk of obesity


Leave the light on sleep may increase the risk of obesity, as well as an investigation determined the Institute of Cancer Research in London (UK), who tested body mass to 113 thousand women

Capture images after gamma space explosion


Such explosions release more energy in 10 seconds than the Sun team director of astronomy at SMU, Robert Kehoe, indicated that some bursts may be associated with supernovae.

Rousseff assist affected by rains in Brazil


Over 70 thousand Brazilians have been affected by the rains that hit the south of the country since last weekend. In this regard, the dignitary Dilma Rousseff offered the assistance of his government to assist victims.

Russia will act before possible deployment of NATO on its borders


The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov said that Moscow can not react with indifference to the militarization of neighboring states, so they take the political and military-technical necessary to ensure safety.

Former director of the DAS case is political persecution


Minister of Justice of Colombia, Alfonso Gomez Mendez said that judicial bodies have respected the due process in the case of the former Director of the Administrative Department of Security (DAS), Maria del Pilar Hurtado, accused of espionage.

Unions expressed support Colombia reelection Santos


Leaders of Colombia’s main unions said this Monday to support President Juan Manuel Santos and candidate. The president thanked the support of the workers.