FARC declares unilateral ceasefire from 9 to 30 June in elections in Colombia

The announcement was released by the insurgent group via its web site. (Photo: Reuters)

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) declared a unilateral ceasefire from Monday to mark the second round of presidential elections in Colombia on 15, announced Saturday by a statement referring to the signs insurgent group against Uribe’s candidate Oscar Iván Zuluaga.
“Never lose hope that gestures of this nature are valued in its simple and true significance. Believe, with most of the country, which is already good so bloody bile. Colombia, through the work of peace, it can be an extraordinary country . worth considering. Our units are aware of the suspension of offensive action against enemy forces and state infrastructure from 00:00 am on Monday, June 9, and until 24:00 on 30 June 2014, “says the text.
The statement refers to the marking of the candidate Óscar Iván Zuluaga against FARC. “We knew from you a passionate statements that categorically rejected our attitude, accusing us among other things that we were going to stop for a few days to commit heinous crimes such as using children as couriers bombs to hit military forces.”
“We’ve always been the first to raise the political solution to the Colombian conflict.We have never rejected the invitation to talk in that direction by any government, on the basis of which are addressed the causes that led to war, “says the text.
In that order, the insurgent group contends that “hatred is the worst directors” as Colombia knows “that exists in our country with a deeply rooted practice of violence and war industry when it comes to addressing the problems and economic and social “contradictions.
The group announced that for that reason decided to “re-declare a unilateral ceasefire during the second round of elections for the Presidency of the Republic. He explains that for various reasons did not come into contact with the Army National Liberation (ELN) as were the need to act alone but are available “to a bilateral cease-fire.”