Daily Archives: 7 junio, 2014

Lula da Silva defends management achievements in Brazil Dilma Rousseff


The President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva, delivered a lecture on Friday where he defended his government management and Dilma Rousseff, in addition to supporting social programs and criticizing domestic and foreign commercial media.

FARC declares unilateral ceasefire from 9 to 30 June in elections in Colombia


“Our units are aware of the suspension of offensive action against enemy forces and state infrastructure from 00:00 am on Monday, June 9, and until 24:00 on June 30, 2014″ was published on the website of the insurgent group.

In pictures: They are some who will whistle in Brazil 2014


FIFA appointed 75 judges to participate in the World Cup which starts on June 12; where they can exercise only 25 remaining principal role and may be reinforced or participate as delegates band.

Nicolas Maduro promised to eradicate poverty Venezuela


Maduro announced Saturday a plan to coordinate state assistance in areas of poverty and set a deadline of 90 days to be built and become operational headquarters responsible for such coordination.

Iran seeks to accelerate agreement on nuclear program


The Government of Iran will hold a bilateral meeting with the United States and Russia next week in Vienna and Rome, respectively, in order to speed up negotiations on its nuclear program, which they say is for peaceful purposes.

International meeting in Portugal highlights life of José Martí


The Final Declaration of the meeting, held at Villa Real de San Antonio, and other cities in Portugal and Spain, highlighted the proclamation by Marti paradigms for moral decency, justice, dignity and the good of human beings.

Smoking doubles chances of dementia


In 1988, when it began to carry out medical examinations, none of those who underwent the study, which had an average of 72 years, suffered any type of dementia.

Keep day to support the Cuban Five in U.S.


This Friday, as part of the III Round 5 days Five conference was issued “a new era in US-Cuba relations,” in support of the release of the remaining three Cuban heroes that the government of that country keeps prisoners.

Santos and Zuluaga expand their differences campaigning on peace process


Candidates for the presidency of Colombia presented their positions on the notice on the table incoporación to victims of armed conflict and the acceleration of the dialogues. Santos said the fact is critical to the “future of peace” while Zuluaga lambasted the FARC.

Rafael Correa attend the inauguration of the World Cup


“I’ll be at the opening and will be a way of supporting President Dilma, before complaining that there are a little unfair,” said the Head of State in his Saturday City Link program, which reports to the Ecuadorian people on its management Weekly.